Avicenna Doctor (Knife + Medkit)

-23% Avicenna Doctor (Knife + Medkit)
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Avicenna is a tireless voyager, but a lover of comfort, luxury and mundane pleasures as well. For this reason, she is obliged to make stops in her continuous wandering, to carry out contracts as personal or crew doctor, contracts which serve to pay the next stages of her incessant voyaging and indulgence in luxury. She recently practiced as a campaigning doctor, fighting successfully against the engineered fevers that ravaged the colonists of Nimatan Island. However, her accusations against a pharmaceutical conglomerate attracted too much attention, forcing her to vanish again into the nebulous underworld of the Mercenary Companies. Of course, currently it is practically impossible to know under which identity Avicenna hides - or if she really exists, because there are no official documents to support this story, that could be only an urban legend, maybe just another product of the numerous conspiracy theories that surround ALEPH...


1 Doctor (Knife/Medkit)

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.

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