Painting Competition

Monkey Sword Games is proud to announce our first ever painting competition in conjunction with PHD, Coqui Hobby Distribution, and Army Painter!


We are participating in a global contest across all of PHD and Coqui Hobby customers...



Short rules


1. Buy mini (40mm base size or smaller) from Monkey Sword Games between 9/15-10/2

2. Paint single mini and base between 10/3 – 10/30

3. $50 in Army Painter goods for winner, prizes for random entrants.

4. Paint a really really awesome miniature and win the entire contest (judged by PHD/AP/Coqui) and win an even bigger prize from Monkey Sword!


​​Significant dates:

September 15, 2015: Start ordering your mini from Monkey Sword Games!

October 3, 2015: E-mail picture of the unpainted (can be primed) mini to

October 30, 2015: All painted entry pictures must be sent to by 11:59 PM EDT

October 31, 2015: Winner announced!

    Long Rules and the legal stuff:

    • Customers register and purchase their miniature by October 2, 2015. Late entries may be allowed at our discretion, however, the judging deadline will still be October 30th.

    • The competition is for one single miniature that typically is based on a 40mm base or smaller. This means no massive figure with just a toe on a 40mm base. In the case of any doubt, we will make a final judgment as to whether a mini qualities or not. In short, pick a single mini that fits on a 40mm base or smaller! 

    • Scenic bases are acceptable as long as they are 40mm or smaller.

    • High quality pictures of the miniature are encouraged as they will better represent your work and increase chances of winning the competition.

    • The winner will receive a $50 credit towards Army Painter products from Monkey Sword Games.

    • Two random entrants will be selected to receive $25 Monkey Sword Games gift certificates.

    • The winner will be required to submit a quality color photo of them holding their painted mini no later than November 3rd in order to claim their prize. In the case of not being able to provide the photograph, the runner up will be awared the prize.

    • The winner will be submitted to Army Painter/PHD/Coqui's Organized Play HQ for final judging to be crowned the winner of the overall PHD painting contest. In the case of a grand prize winner, Monkey Sword Games will provide said winner with an additional $100 gift certificate to Monkey Sword Games!

    • By registering for the competition, you agree to allow Monkey Sword Games, PHD, and Coqui Hobby Distribution full use of ALL submitted images and photographs for marketing and promotional purposes. (Only the store winner's photographs will be sent in to PHD and Coqui)

    • Monkey Sword Games reserves the right to modify these rules in case of omission or mistake as long as it does not alter the general spirit of the contest.


    Question: Will you be judging just the painting of the miniature?


    Answer: No. We will also be taking into account any reworking of the miniature and quality of basing. Check out the Army Painter accessories range that will help entrants be highly creative with their miniatures.


    Question: May I create a diorama with a 40mm base figure on it?


    Answer: No. To ensure each miniature is fairly judged on its own merits no dioramas are allowed. Any miniature designed to be a detachable part of a diorama must be submitted for store judging without the diorama.