Zombicide: Special Guest Art Box John Kovalic

-50% Zombicide: Special Guest Art Box John Kovalic
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This box contains 4 Survivors of John's own design

Matt: "You rolled CRITICAL FAIL, Meat-Pillow! I know 'cuz I'm the DM!" Matt McLimore was a web cartoonist and Game Master for his loval group in quiet little Mud Bay, Wisconsin. DM'ing made him a natural leader, gaming taught him strategy, while trying to make a living cartooning traind him to survive on little. General frustration, and plenty of free time spent playing"Warhamster: ZombieSide" meant that when the zombies did come, Matt was ready and waiting. the hordes have disrupted his weekly gaming sessions, and they're gonna pay - and he doesn't mean in Gold Pieces or Experience Points. And unlike his game-table experience, he's not giving any of them a saving roll.
Gilly: "Head-shot between the eyes! SQUEEEE!" Gilly Woods was Mud Bay's Perky Goth fangirl and cosplayer, so she's always been an outsider, making her strong, fiercely independent and self-reliant. She's had to put up with idiot fanboys labeling her as a "fake geek girl" long enough. A veteran of many long Comic-Cons, she's used to dealing with the mindless, shambling, unwashed masses. Since most of the haters were zombie-like to begin with, she doesn't see a whole heck of a lot of difference between putting down a basement-dwelling famboy with a well-timed quip, or plugging a zombie right between the eyes with a trusty Glock.
Igor: "There's another one coming out of the sewer! HUZZAH! It must be mine!" Igor Olman belives anything worth doing is worth doing to excess: comics, gaming, movies, and fandom in general. So it's no surprise that when the horrors of the hordes appeared on his doorstep, he launched into them with all the gusto of a Warhamster Fantasy Roleplaying 25th-level Dwarven Hellwarrior armed with Zordaz's +25 Axe of Lordly Slicing and Dicing, with the "Mighty Big Cleave" bonus. Nobody's quite sure where Igor got his full arsenal of bazookas and rocket launchers from. Nobody's quite sure where he was storing them. Frankly, his fiends are afraid to ask. Igor calls his bazooka "THACO".
Carson: "I live my life by the Muskrat Way. And right now, those zombies are in the way." Carson the Muskrat is a mild-mannered soul. But he's small, fast, and clever, making him hard to get a hold of. And somhow he got a hold of a vintage, fully-operational British Bren Carrier. Igor may have been involved, frankly. Don't let Carson's quite demeanor and trepidatious outlook on life fool you: when his friends are thretened, he fights likea  cornered animal: literally.

About the Artist: John Kovalic has been writinga nd drawing in the gaming industry professionally for 20 years, now. John is best known for the comic strip Dork Tower, and games like Apples to Apples and Munchkin. His latest project include games such as ROFL! and Double Feature (Cryptozoic).
When not writing or drawing, John's spending every minute possible with his wife and daughter. You can find out more about John by visiting, or plying him with craft beer.

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