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Are you listening, Rookie? Can't you hear it? Forget the smell of stale sweat and leather and focus. Now listen. Do you hear it now? That roar is the crowd, and they're chanting your name.
They're calling for YOU. 
Because this moment is yours. It's your time to prove you can turn your team into Sovereign State Champions. It's your time to show the Free Cities just what kind of coach you are. This is your time to win.
There's just one thing you need to ask yourself…
Kick Off! is coming soon

It's time to dig deep within yourself, Rookie. You need to outplay the opposition and prove you can turn your team into champions.

Do you want to make something of yourself in the Empire of Free Cities? Then you need to master Guild Ball, the dynamic and fast-paced game of mob football. Because in this cutthroat land that's ruled by mercantile Guilds, Guild Ball is more than just a game of high stakes and careful strategy. It's the key to power and glory for those bold enough to take risks and fight for it.

And you got that look in your eye, Rookie. You might just be hungry enough to get out there and win.


Your players are already looking to you for guidance, so you better step up. So what are you, a Mason or a Brewer? Which one of these world famous teams will you lead in the finals of the Sovereign States Championship?

But don't get too cocky, now. There are always other new coaches, more young bloods just like you. And they're just as hungry for the glory. Some of their players will do just about anything to get ahead on the pitch, so you'd best remember your team won't find any mercy on that field.


Do you have the skill to take home the title this year? Hit the pitch and find out!


Kick Off! is the industry-leading starter set you've always wanted to see from a miniatures game. It's everything two aspiring coaches need to hit the field, including the field itself!

Masons v Brewers
  • Kick Off! Rulebook   
  • Guild Ball Core Rulebook
  • Captain’s Handbook  
  • 3’x3’ Board, Double-Sided (Guild Themed) 
  • 12 Colored Plastic Models (Pre-assembled)  
  • Player Character Cards  
  • 128 Game Tokens  (including health dials!)
  • Measuring Tools and Templates 
  • Guild Ball Dice 
Kick Off! in action


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