Ariadna is made up of the descendents of the first human colonizing ship that disappeared into a worm-hole and was given up for lost. Isolated on a remote and hostile planet, the Ariadnes – Cossacks, Americans, Scots and Frenchmen – have evolved into a hard and technologically less advanced race, which has just made contact with the Human Sphere and is trying to carve out a niche for itself without falling under the control of the other powers.
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A new Infinity unit box that provides all the weapons options needed and replaces its predecessor. T..
$38.99 $30.02
The 6th Airborne Rangers is the USARF airborne light infantry regiment. Of all USAriadnan units, the..
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Caledonia Sectorial Starter Pack. New release! A new miniature box containing a compilation of previ..
$47.99 $36.95
Wild and violent groups of Antipodes infest the Southern region of USAriadna, and what is the local ..
$40.99 $31.56