Infinity: Human Sphere N3 Rulebook

Infinity: Human Sphere N3 Rulebook
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Onyx First Contact Force, USAriadna, Locust Clandestine Actions Group, Kanrèn Counter-Insurgency Group, Colonel Yevgueni Voronin, the Hassasin Áyyar, the Bakunin Taskmasters SWAST, the Xeodron Batroids, the Sukeul Commandos … new flavors arrive, new tactics, new vectors of approach to the objective arrive, new elements to take into account while your head runs the math on overdrive!

These are days on which your brain is about to explode from the constant waves of new information that you are getting. That army list that worked well, that was perfect, now is even more perfect or pales in comparison with your new and better idea.

At some point, when everyone has access to the new “Human Sphere N3” rules, Corvus Belli will apply them to the official ITS tournaments. Then, the game would have given a big step forward, a serious and definitive one. Infinity will be up to date with the N3 standard. On a solid and stable foundation that we want to keep healthy for many years to come.
A chest with two volumes that add up to 470 pages of background, art, graphics, rules, profiles, dramatic surprises and hidden secrets. A complete dive in, head first, into the Infinity Universe, a dive that leave your head working on new ideas, visualizing a world for you and you alone. Because if this book manages to spark your imagination, make you paint, build scenery, conceive new strategies, excite you, then it would have been a success.

Will you use a Mulebot with EVO Hacking device to make your Bulleteer, Peacemaker and Fugazi deploy with increased burst?
Will you use Bashi Bazouks and Hafzas to emulate a Nomad army list in appearance?
Which of the 5 Proxy models available from the Post-Humans will you use on your next ALEPH list?
How much punishment can my Tohaa list withstand filled with SymbioMates and SymbioBombs?
From CB we want to really know how far the competitive players can go with this rules. But it is possible that you can reach even further away.
Good luck with the dice.

Initial run includes free limited edition Druze Girl.

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