Morituri - Starter Set

Morituri - Starter Set
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The royal ludus of Aegyptus, the Morituri elevate and twist the munera far beyond the scope of anything Roman. Believing these sacred funerary games not only honor the fallen, but have the power to breach the boundaries of the afterlife, the Morituri eternally prepare for the next royal munera to aid in the restoration of their divine rulers.  The Morituri aesthetic features the opulence of the pharaonic tomb, zealous and exotic warriors, and a dark fascination with death. 

The Morituri Starter Set contains:

  • Zahra
  • Ur-Kek
  • Mago
  • Three 4x6 art cards
  • Three game cards
  • Three plastic Arena Rex bases and tokens
  • Morituri Benefits card

All miniatures are supplied unassembled and unpainted.

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