Red Republic Games

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A huntress and trapper from the twilight north, Bjarrhvit made her way to Atlantis on the win..
$21.00 $12.60

Despite her heroic victory, Hroka’s tribe was forced north and east, and eventually absorbed by tr..
$40.00 $24.00

Trained in the arts of the arena from boyhood, Iason strikes with lethal grace and precision.  ..
$18.50 $11.10

A scion of the Ptolemies of old, Khepros lived a youth of wealth and leisure. As he grew..
$18.00 $10.80

Legio XIII, Ludus Britannicus, is the premier Gallo-Roman Imperial gladiator school. Sponsored by th..
$45.00 $27.00

A captive too unruly for slavery and condemned to death in the arena, this man bears no name to spea..
$18.00 $10.80

Brutal and unforgiving, Otho Mentulus dominates his foes in the arena and demoralizes them both wi..
$22.00 $13.20

From deep in the eastern forests, Stheno is terrible to behold.  Though accustomed to isolati..
$30.00 $18.00

Thoth has taken for himself the mantle of lawgiver, and often acts as a ceremonial executioner for..
$21.00 $12.60

A former Legionnaire, Urbicus has embraced a career of survival, delivering others to the jaws of ..
$18.00 $10.80

Zahra has proven herself no fool, though some would call her mad. This sandborn chose to break fro..
$19.00 $11.40

Based out of Hibernia in the Gallo-Roman Empire, Ludus Fratrum Cruore is the only gladiator school t..
$45.00 $27.00