Red Republic Games

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A huntress and trapper from the twilight north, Bjarrhvit made her way to Atlantis on the win..

Despite her heroic victory, Hroka’s tribe was forced north and east, and eventually absorbed by tr..

Trained in the arts of the arena from boyhood, Iason strikes with lethal grace and precision.  ..

A scion of the Ptolemies of old, Khepros lived a youth of wealth and leisure. As he grew..

Legio XIII, Ludus Britannicus, is the premier Gallo-Roman Imperial gladiator school. Sponsored by th..

A captive too unruly for slavery and condemned to death in the arena, this man bears no name to spea..

Brutal and unforgiving, Otho Mentulus dominates his foes in the arena and demoralizes them both wi..

From deep in the eastern forests, Stheno is terrible to behold.  Though accustomed to isolati..

Thoth has taken for himself the mantle of lawgiver, and often acts as a ceremonial executioner for..

A former Legionnaire, Urbicus has embraced a career of survival, delivering others to the jaws of ..

Zahra has proven herself no fool, though some would call her mad. This sandborn chose to break fro..

Based out of Hibernia in the Gallo-Roman Empire, Ludus Fratrum Cruore is the only gladiator school t..