Red Republic Games

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Often larger animals must be goaded to even take notice of the gladiators in the arena, but Acerbu..

Once a dutiful aristocratic daughter, Aemilia has abandoned the dull promise of a sedate life. &nb..

Anum plays a unique role in the munera of Aegyptus.  The balance to the ritual and formula..

This 6x6 inch rulebook is a full-color, staple-bound reference with a soft-touch cover. Its 50 pag..

A huntress and trapper from the twilight north, Bjarrhvit made her way to Atlantis on the win..

Despite her heroic victory, Hroka’s tribe was forced north and east, and eventually absorbed by tr..

Constantly being transported to far-flung arenas, the stunning Euryale is a vision of beauty, grac..

Our Favor Dice are 16mm gold and ivory marble-effect D6s. An Arena Rex laurel icon is molded ..

Raised from birth within the brotherhood, Frigge Eiriksdottir has been a terror since the age of t..

A brutal and unforgiving force of nature, Hagal is known for leaving little but devastat..

Having won his freedom years ago, Hermes has embraced the sands as his home.  A peerless supe..

After losing her brothers and father in raids by another nation, Hroka joined battle herself to ho..