The Army Painter

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This set is a fantastic introduction to the Warpaints range and has the 9 Colour Primer matching col..
$29.99 $25.00

The absolute coolest look of your bases is done with the 6mm Highland Tufts - if you're a Wargamer y..

A perfect brush for painting the bulk of infantry. The brush end has the right thickness for holding..

A great all round brush for making detailed highlights on your models. The tip is sharp making it us..

This brush will allow you to perform any precision paintjob you want on your miniatures. It has a ve..

When it comes to making your bases exceptional - nothing is going to beat the Jungle Tuft. A truly u..

This is probably some of the most realistic basing material in the Wargames industry. Ideal for any ..

The Battlefields Basing Set offers great value, packed full of the best basing materials in the indu..

Another fantastic looking Tuft for the Wargamer wishing to have an outstanding looking army. These T..

The Tundra Tuft is a cool (pun intended) and fantastic looking piece of basing material to add to an..

This size is ideal for painting single models like unit champions or Hero's as the tip is fine and s..

This superb sable brush allows you make very precise details on your models, be they weapon cartridg..