Zuyong Invincibles (1)

-23% Zuyong Invincibles (1)
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The Terracotta Warriors are an army of statues that guard the mausoleum of the emperor Qin Shi Huangdi, the unifier and founder of the Chinese empire. The mission of these sculpted troops was to protect the Emperor and his grand empire in the afterlife. Emperor Qin fought for the ideal of an all-encompassing China, “All under Heaven”. This same ideal is now incarnated in and defended by the Zuyong Invincibles. Spread throughout Yu Jing territory, they have become the nucleus of the StateEmpire Army as the largest Heavy Infantry corps in the Human Sphere. No military force can equip as many soldiers with servo-powered armor. Other regiments, other armies, can claim to have the most advanced technology, but the Zuyong have what they need to see their duty through, and everything else they make up for in skill and determination.

1 Zuyong Invincible (Metal)

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